A Big Game, but…

superbowllogo–Matt Nelson

There’s no doubt that Iowa’s battle with South Carolina in the 2009 Outback Bowl is a huge game, particularly for fans of both schools. However…

…Tickets will be in much higher demand for the game at Raymond James Stadium exactly one month later. A little thing called “Super Bowl XLIII” will take place in the Tampa Bay area. The fourth Super Bowl hosted by Tampa, the second in Raymond James Stadium. The last was following the 2000 season when the Baltimore Ravens defeated the New York Giants.

The Tampa-St. Petersburg area knows a thing or two about hosting big sporting events, just look back at 2008.

January 6 the New York Giants started their run to a Super Bowl Ring by defeating the Buccaneers in Tampa.

Remember Drake University’s magical 2007-08 men’s basketball season? A fantastic year finished in March with a heartbreaking loss to Western Kentucky…in Tampa. The four first round games played at the St. Pete Times Forum were all huge upsets (13 San Diego over 4 UCONN, 12 W. Kentucky over 5 Drake, 12 Villanova over 5 Clemson, 13 Sienna over 4 Vanderbilt)!!

In April, the Tennessee Women’s Basketball team made its 18th Final Four appearance and won its 8th national championship…in Tampa of course.

This fall St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Rays hosted the American League Divison Series (vs. Chicago), the American League Championship Series (vs. Boston), and the first two games of the World Series (vs. Philadelphia. If you’ve never seen Tropicana Field, it’s a funny looking thing. The slanted roof makes it look crooked.

In recent years it hasn’t just been these sports making national news in Tampa, the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in the 2003-04 season. Tampa and hockey, it seems a bit odd?

No matter what the event, the Tampa Bay area is used to the national spotlight.


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