bubble1–John Campbell

Every coach and player on the Iowa football staff should send a Christmas card to Hayden Fry and thank him for “the Bubble”.

Can you imagine having to practice outside the past two weeks to get ready for the Outback Bowl?

That was the situation for Iowa bowl bound teams prior to  1985.

In 1991 there were little structures made of 2X4s and plastic along the sidelines at Kinnick Stadium that provided minimal shelter for the players from the cold conditions.

Because of the poor conditions, Fry took the team to California two weeks before the Rose Bowl.

After that, Fry pushed hard for an indoor practice facility and it became a reality in 1985 before Iowa’s next trip to Pasadena.

The Bubble has gone down twice.  In 1990 it fell victim to an ice storm  and once again, the team  had to leave early for the Rose Bowl.

In June of 1998, a violent wind storm ripped the Bubble to shreds.  Both times it was rebuilt and   has provided Hawkeye football teams a perfect place to practice on wet or cold days.

Workers pull open the University of Iowa football team's practice roof called "The Bubble" on Monday, Aug. 31, 1998, in Iowa City. The structure was damaged during a June 29 storm. (Buzz Orr, The Gazette)

Workers work to repair "the bubble" after a storm back in 1998. (Buzz Orr, The Gazette)


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