Making a List, Checking it Twice.

Camera and Computer–Matt Nelson

The packing list for the 2009 Outback Bowl is done. Now all we have to do is make sure we actually pack everything we need. Let’s just say that television crews don’t travel lightly (and network crews bring considerbly more stuff than we do!).

2009 Outback Bowl Packing List

– DV Camera
– DV Camera Batteries and Charger
– Tripod and Case
– Press Pass
– Camera Light
– Cell Phone Charger
– XLR/BNC Cables (audio/video)
– Stick and Lav Mics
– Extra 9V Batteries/AAA Batteries
– Rain Gear for Camera
– Lens Cloth
– Cell Phone IFB Adapter (so Campbell can hear during live shots)
– Canopus/Audio Converter Boxes
– Laptop Computer
– Computer Accessories (Mouse/Firewire cables, Power cords, Power Strip)
– Digital (Still pics) CameraKeyboard
– Digital Camera Card Reader

Yes, the airlines love seeing us drag all of this stuff into the airport and onto the plane.


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