The Gamecocks, Huh?


–Matt Nelson

The Gamecocks of South Carolina arrive in Tampa today. No practice for them though. Iowa practices at 12:30 (CT).

What is a Gamecock? Well, it’s what you probably think it is. Maybe a better question is how did South Carolina come to have it as its mascot?

According to The Name Game by Michael Leo Donovan South Carolina is the only school with Gamecocks as its mascot. The mascot itself is named “Cocky” by the way.

According to the book, around 1900 “the school’s feisty and spirited football team was first referred to unofficially as the Game Cocks.” It was later changed to one word.

Also noted is the fact that, “a gamecock is a fighting rooster known for its spirit and courage.” “Cock fighting has been outlawed by most states for humanitarian reasons, but it’s still held surreptitiously in many areas. The state of South Carolina has long been closely connected with the breeding and training of fighting gamecocks. General Thomas Sumter, famed guerilla fighter of the Revolutionary War was known as The Fighting Gamecock.”

The battle of the birds, Hawkeyes and Gamecocks, less than a week away.


One response to “The Gamecocks, Huh?

  1. Go Hawks!

    I’m nervous about “trickery” from the wily ole ball coach, but I think this game has possible blow out capability. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hawks come out hot and win by 17+.

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