Hungry for Unique Video

122908stanzisaladdressing–Matt Nelson

Hawkeye Dining

The one thing about bowl coverage is that we need lots of material to send back. So pretty much anything on the schedule that can be covered, gets covered.

This photo is 1/30th of a second. I think it was a time period of about 1/3rd of a second during which starting Iowa Quarterback Ricky Stanzi looked up to see if we were indeed shooting video of him while he added dressing to his salad at the Outback Bowl Luncheon Monday.

Yes, Ricky, when you are a Big Ten starting quarterback and the local media needs five packages for the day of bowl coverage, your salad dressing might just make the air.

So did Shonn Greene’s pizza later in the day.122908greenepizza It should be noted here though that in this frame grab he was glancing up at a fellow teammate and not trying to figure out if KCRG’s cameras were fixed on him.

Another reminder that quarterbacks and running backs get all of the attention no matter when or where they are.

Matt Nelson’s Random Note for the Day

– The Hawkeyes and Gamecocks attened the Outback Bowl Debartelo Team Luncheon Monday. Before they ate an invocation was offered from the podium. It seems odd to hear two corporate sponsors referenced in an invocation. At least it blended in a little bit and didn’t consist of, “This invocation brought to you by Corporation X.” It was pretty close though.


2 responses to “Hungry for Unique Video

  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. That invocation sounds like Ricky Bobby’s grace where he thanks Taco Bell, KFC, and Powerade.

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