I Never Heard the Punchline

100_7622–Matt Nelson

Keys, but not the usual Florida Keys

The Hawkeyes and Hawkeye fans were out in full force at Clearwater Beach Tuesday. On a beautiful sunny 75 degree day, what could anger the bumble bees?


Running Back Shonn Greene and Wide Receiver Andy Brodell went up on stage to receive a key to the city of Clearwater from the mayor. The mayor seemed like a nice enough guy. However he quickly garnered the angst of all Hawkeye faithful in attendance.

100_7621His joke started as follows, and as the title of this entry suggests, I didn’t hear the end…”You know there are two things that Clearwater and Ames have in common today…”

My first reaction was that he was going to take a shot at Iowa State. Not the case. Unfortunately for Mr. Mayor, he was under the impression that the University of Iowa is in Ames. I bet he’ll remember the next time the Hawks play in the Outback Bowl after the fans let him have it.

Matt Nelson’s Random Thoughts

– It was great to see a huge turnout at Clearwater Beach for the Outback Bowl at the Beach Day events. The only problem is that to get to Clearwater Beach there is just one road in and out. This presents considerable traffic problems when thousands of football fans try to visit the same spot at the same time. When the team buses get police escorts in and out, it complicates things too. Beautiful beach, but from a transit and parking standpoint, it gets a little ugly.

– I’ve eaten at the original Kentucky Fried Chicken restaraunt in Corbin, Kentucky (it’s worth a stop for the small museum). Unfortunately the highway was as close as I got to the original Hooters in Clearwater as time did not allow for a stop. I am told the original Outback Steakhouse can be found in this area too. And to think, all this time I thought the first one was in Australia. So disappointing;).

Photos from Outback Bowl Beach Day








6 responses to “I Never Heard the Punchline

  1. You would think the mayor of all people would do his homework with all of the money Iowa is bringing to the city of Clearwater. What a shame. Anyway GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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