It Sounds Like “Eeyore,” but with a “B” in it

–Matt Nelson

100_7634Ybor City was the place to be in Tampa tonight. As the subject suggests, it’s got a funny pronunciation. “Ybor” is pronounced like “EE-bohr.”

The Outback Bowl Parade ran down 7th Avenue in Ybor City tonight. The Hawkeye Marching Band was there, and so was the Waverly-Shell Rock High School Marching Band. They looked and sounded good! We also caught up with them at practice earlier in the day, you can find coverage of the W-SR Band under “As Seen on KCRG” to the right, or

Ybor City is a historic neighborhood just a little north and east of downtown Tampa. It used to be known for the cigar factories there and today it is the site of bars, restaurants and shops as well. A pretty cool area with lots to do and it has a cool architectural look to it, with some buildings looking a bit like the French Quarter in New Orleans.


Photos from the Outback Bowl Parade in Ybor City





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